Ooma Telo 45073 Release Notes

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Ooma Telo 45073 Release Notes

Post by Bobby B » Mon Apr 04, 2011 9:17 am

Here is a list of some of the improvements in this next release:

- reduced latency on PureVoice adaptive redundancy calls (should be about 80-100 msec less then before)
- updated Bluetooth stack for better stability and phone compatibility
- sound effects on keypad touches
- new setup.ooma.com web page

Release notes for firmware version 45073:
  • Fix problem with the caller-id missing the number on calls received by certain customers [10543]
  • Add Telo keypad sound effects (Dial *#*#511 to turn on/off Touch Panel sound effects) [6768, 6872, 10311]
  • Dial *#*#001 to speak the firmware version [10311]
  • Add support for reminder ring on HS [8631]
  • Fix problems with the HS call logs when using multiple handsets [10373]
  • Fix problem with My Ooma Contacts edits not syncing to the HS [9475]
  • Improve PureVoice implementation [9772]
  • Reduce the Telo boot time [9657, 10306, 10351]
  • Properly disable QoS when upstream bandwidth is set to 0 [8135]
  • Fix problem where the highest speaker volume has a fluttering noise on newer Telos [10273]
  • Fix telo crash if after remote hangs up on line 2 you return to line 1 after FXS leaves busy state [10483]
  • Fix incorrect call teardown behavior after 2 HS swap calls [6816]
  • Cannot unhold call on HS after line 2 transitions to fastbusy [8376]
  • HS can't unhold the first call after intercepting a monitor call and the remote hangs up [8813]
  • The line may lock up if the user stays offhook as Telo advances to the last route [8927]
  • Fix problem with some Bluetooth phones not pairing with telo [9095]
  • Fix 3-way conference between a remote call and an intercom call [9212]
  • Play the join tone when a handset joins an intercom call [9471]
  • A HS cannot join an intercom call that results from a remote hangup [9476]
  • Tell Google Voice to archive the message if a user presses envelope after taking FXS off-hook [9548]
  • The call drops after a minute if a HS calls a HS already on a call [9577]
  • Fix problem where a HS may go back on-hook by itself in dialtone state [9612]
  • With one intercom call already active stop Call-All after one device answers it [9632]
  • Don't drop the Bluetooth headset call when switching to the other call [9651]
  • Fix redial on Bluetooth headset to redial the last number dialed on the Telo [9680]
  • Dialtone on the HS stops working if the Telo receives 2 simultaneous calls [9749]
  • Remove garbage characters from PSTN caller-id [9795]
  • Fix broken transitions into the HS call log screen [10127]
  • Can't answer incoming call when FXS offhook but not on a call [9854]
  • Fix problems that may cause the call to stay alive when the remote hangs up first [10290, 10389]
  • Fix issue where Basic customers cannot save the message when pressing envelope during playback [10371]
  • Add sound effect to alert overdue tax customers that Ooma service has been suspended [10445]
  • Fix typo in "Add speed dial" on HS [10401]
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