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Ooma Telo 52474 Release Notes

Posted: Mon Jan 16, 2012 1:52 pm
by Bobby B
Ooma Telo 52474 Release Notes

This will be rolling out to the field over the next couple weeks.
  • Additional fix for outgoing calls failing after a network flap [6511]
  • Remove code that may inject a digit press in response to speech of a certain frequency [10240]
  • Adjust Touch Panel sensitivity on some Telos [10274]
  • Turn the logo red more quickly when unplugging the wireless adapter [11457]
  • Change the appearance of various text elements on the wireless page [11486, 12289, 12312]
  • Fix 802.11n on networks configured for TKIP/AES auto mode [11495]
  • Display 'Allow access to web interface from INTERNET/WIRELESS port' depending on which network is active [11510]
  • Fix WPA2/AES on hidden networks configured for TKIP/AES auto mode [11781]
  • Fix display of 'Instant Second Line' service for Core/Basic accounts [11847]
  • Put up a dialog asking to confirm deletion of a bluetooth device or wireless network [11945]
  • Fix the delay in telo going back into service after the vpn flaps [11961]
  • Add support for WPA-PSK with AES encryption [11973]
  • Add support for accented characters to the call logs [12138]
  • Fix bug where a wireless network with a more complex password fails to come up [12194]
  • More quickly display the name of the network name when adding a new active network [12288, 12457]
  • Fix issue that may cause an inbound call to roll to voicemail after 3 seconds [12381]
  • Make scan work when plugging in the wireless adapter after booting up on the wired network [12429]
  • Add support for a second source wireless adapter [12430]
  • Display 'Please wait...' after adding or deleting a network or changing network priorities [12431]
  • Add option on the wireless page to disable the adapter light [12432]
  • Fix problem where telo fails to come up on the next network in the priority list when the primary goes down [12483]
  • Add a help section for the Wireless page [12528]
  • Fix telo returning to blue after powering off wireless router [12529]
  • Change the wireless LED to be ON by default [12535]