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Ooma Telo 63430 Release Notes

Posted: Tue Nov 13, 2012 4:30 pm
by Bobby B
Ooma Telo 63430 Release Notes

This release will be rolled out over the next couple weeks.
  • Support for HD2 handset and Linx device (also in setup.ooma)
  • Support for multiple devices in a private ring group and handset naming
  • Fix Google Voice access when pressing FF and phone is active [10638]
  • Fix issue where on some Telo announcements played over the speaker are cut off [11127]
  • Alert user that changing the priority of any wireless network, active or not, will restart the network [12490]
  • Do not display 'Please wait' after deleting the last wireless network [12509]
  • On add a 'hide password' checkbox to the add network screen [12590]
  • On warn that toggling the LED on the wireless adapter resets the network [12598]
  • Improve Linx compatibility with some alarm panels [13241]
  • Fix issue where sometimes the Telo logo doesn't transition from blinking red to blue [13870]
  • Fix issue where some Telos boot up with a dark panel and calls to the phone port go to voicemail [13926]
  • Disallow the paging and pairing blink patterns when DECT is disabled [13985]
  • Fix issue where a codec star code dialed on line 1 affects the next call on line 2 [13997]
  • Fix issue where checking 'Allow access to web interface from INTERNET port' does not survive a reboot [14359]
  • Fix factory reset to also unregister any powered on handsets [14658]
  • Fix issue where echo is sometimes heard on remote party side [14801]
  • Fix issue where with two simultaneous HD calls the remote parties hear broken up voice [14852]
  • Fix issue to hide the caller's number on anonymous calls received onnet and from certain carriers [14996]
  • Fix crash triggered by two simultaneous inbound calls [15047]
  • For those telo where the front panel still comes up dark make it so the phone port can receive calls [15239]
  • Disable call waiting when the phone port or Linx is in 'Fax machine' or 'Alarm system' mode [15336]