Ooma Telo 65208 Release Notes

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Ooma Telo 65208 Release Notes

Post by Bobby B » Mon Jan 28, 2013 10:29 am

This release will be rolled out over the next couple of weeks to customers without Linx or HD2.
  • Fix issue where some ringing HD2 handsets may not show a picture ID [13335]
  • Fix issue where with 4 HD2 handsets, one or more handsets may not ring [15063]
  • Fix issue where the monitor screen may not show on HD2 handsets [15096]
  • Fix issue where HD2 handsets may briefly show Connecting in the ring or monitor stage [15180]
  • Fix issue where with 4 HD2 intercom calls drop after 1-2 rings [15224]
  • Fix issue where a data transfer timeout triggers an HD2 ring failure [15231]
  • Fix Linx to retry EZ pairing after a 20 sec timeout [15237]
  • Don't enable PureVoice for HD calls if there's not enough QoS upstream bandwidth [15276]
  • Fix issue where a HD2 HS stops ringing because the base thinks it went out of range [15303]
  • Fix two conditions that can cause the HD2 handset not to ring [15376,15438]
  • Fix regression bug to play a busy tone when calling a busy line [15454]
  • Fix the *10 code to mean 'dial all intercoms except PHONE port' [15543]
  • Fix issue where a joined HD2 HS displays 'ooma redial' after using redial on a BT headset [15575]
  • Fix access to Google voicemail using a private HD2 handset [15589]
  • Fix issue where late packets unnecessarily trigger PureVoice [15605]
  • Fix issue to wake up the screen when paging a HD2 HS [15626]
  • Fix regression bug so that *#*#099 factory reset clears the configuration in HD2 mode [15655]
  • Reduce the HD2 headset jack minimum volume [15667]
  • Fix display issue when calling a HS that is listening to a baby monitor [15689]
  • Allow "#" to also terminate a 7-digit dial string when 10-digit dialing is disabled [15710]
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