Ooma Telo 66221 Release Notes

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Ooma Telo 66221 Release Notes

Post by Bobby B » Wed Feb 20, 2013 3:47 pm

This release will be rolled out over the next couple of weeks. Telos with a Linx or an HD2 Handset installed will be receiving this release first due to some of the below fixes.
  • Fix issue where the HD2 Handset receiving a remote hangup doesn't send a reminder ring [11547]
  • Fix issue to ignore an answer attempt in between the ringing and screening stages [14164]
  • Add *#*#101 and *#*#102 to start/stop registration mode [14317]
  • Add support for answering a call on a HD2 Handset before it starts ringing [14630]
  • Fix factory reset on the Linx to also unregister itself from the base if (or once) it is in range [14677]
  • Fix the headset maximum volume [15264, 15667]
  • Fix issue where answering a waiting call on a HD2 Handset may fail if behind a NAT [15350]
  • Fix a state issue that may cause a HD2 Handset to stop responding to inbound calls [15484, 15658]
  • Fix issue where Linx may not get dialtone when going offhook [15787]
  • Fix issue where in a rare instance the HD2 Handset call may fail [15809]
  • Reject an HD Handset attempting to register to a base in HD2 mode [15849]
  • Fix issue where a HD2 Handset may stop responding to inbound calls after answering before ring [15893]
  • Fix HD2 calls dropping upon answer in systems using Linx [15950]
  • Fix detection of Linx going offline [16063]
  • Fix issue where a HD2 Handset shows no call progress if you call out right after toggling DND [16073]
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