Ooma Telo 77309 Release Notes

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Ooma Telo 77309 Release Notes

Post by Tom » Mon Dec 09, 2013 3:43 pm

Telo release 77309 has started going out to Residential customers with HD2/Linx and to Office customers.
We plan to add some additional fixes before doing a rollout to the entire field.

Bugs fixed that are common to Residential and Office:
  • Fix bug to also speak the version over the phone when dialing *#*#001 [10913]
  • In setup.ooma add help for wireless network to Device Status [12557]
  • A couple of minor setup.ooma fixes [12667, 18561]
  • Fix bug where the telo is blue but the logo is still blinking red [15236, 18362]
  • Fix bug to not reset 'Allow access to web interface' when changing network types [18542]
  • Fix bug in setting a custom MAC address [18584]
  • Correctly change new installs to use the built-in MAC address [18842, 13217]
Bugs fixed that are specific to Residential:
  • Add support for hold reminder beep [5688, 18663, 18683, 18829]
  • Remove pulse heard on HS when going offhook [14295]
  • Remove pulse heard on headset during ringing or upon answer [15551] - introduces bug 18982
  • Remove the 'RING' monitoring option in the HS UI [17247]
  • Fix HS bug to also add calls that don't complete to the redial list [17657]
  • Fix reminder ring and howler tone on Linx [17814]
  • Add some more address book optimization [17896]
  • In setup.ooma add tooltip text for custom ringtone actions [17947]
  • Fix unholding a call after a line has transitioned from dialtone to fastbusy [18252]
  • Fix HS bug to not display 'missed call' for abandoned outgoing calls [18543]
  • Fix bug where some HD2 may not fully charge [18740]
  • Fix bug where an image added to an existing contact doesn't sync to the HS [18878] - introduced in 73618
  • Fix bug where the remote party may hear a clicking sound every 10 sec [19250]
Bugs fixed that are specific to Office:
  • Fix bug where the base stops applying configuration updates [17882, 18917]
  • Fix condition that will cause a registration failure of all endpoints [18032]
  • Fix bug where too many attended transfer scenarios are blocked [18856]