Ooma Telo 79183 Release Notes

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Ooma Telo 79183 Release Notes

Post by Tom » Fri Feb 21, 2014 4:04 pm

Telo release 79183 has started going out to Residential customers with HD2/Linx.
We're finalizing some additional fixes before doing a rollout to the entire field.
Customers upgrading to this version from 73618 should also view the 77309 release notes.

Bugs fixed that are common to Residential and Office:
  • Fix SOC bug to fail adding a WiFi network if the wrong password is entered [11900]
  • Fix SOC bug to properly handle special characters in WiFi network names [12453]
  • Fix SOC bug to show WiFi details if the network name is exactly 32 characters [14940]
  • Fix SOC bug to also show off-line registered DECT devices [16058] - revisit
  • Fix SOC bug to hide "registration mode" on telo that only support one mode [16296]
  • Fix bug where at boot a telo may not properly sync to the database [18557]
Bugs fixed that are specific to Residential:
  • Fix SOC bug to disable the Add button after pairing the maximum number of bluetooth devices [15573]
  • Fix bug where a HS may show the wrong day of the week [16948]
  • Fix bug where calls may not go to voicemail after telo has gone out-of-service [17943]
  • Fix SOC link to ringtone help [17846]
  • Fix bug where a device that transitioned to fastbusy/howler doesn't get reminder ring once it goes onhook [18087]
  • Fix bug to start reminder ring after a device doing in-place onhold* transitions to fastbusy [18088]
  • Add some more addressbook optimization [18892]
  • Fix bug where you get no audio when answering a call using the HS speaker phone button [18982] - introduced in 77309
Bugs unfortunately introduced in this release:
  • HS paging only works once [19364] - go offhook on the HS to make it work again
  • DECT page on SOC may not display correctly after removing a registered device [19466]
* in-place onhold is when you press the solid amber line button of an active call
* SOC = setup.ooma.com