Ooma Telo and Office 82685 Release Notes

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Ooma Telo and Office 82685 Release Notes

Post by Tom » Fri Mar 21, 2014 1:39 pm

Telo release 82685 has started going out to Residential customers with HD2/Linx.
The rest of the field will be upgraded over the next 2-3 weeks, including Office.

The release notes below are from release 73618 onwards, so include 77309 and 79183.
SOC is setup.ooma.com, HS is Handset.

Bugs fixed that are common to Residential and Office:
  • Fix bug to also speak the version over the phone when dialing *#*#001 [10913]
  • Fix SOC bug to fail adding a WiFi network if the wrong password is entered [11900]
  • Fix SOC bug to properly handle special characters in WiFi network names [12453]
  • Fix SOC bug to add Help on wireless to Device Status [12557]
  • A couple of minor setup.ooma fixes [12667, 18561]
  • Fix bug where the built-in MAC is used when selecting static IP with a custom MAC [13357]
  • Fix SOC bug to show WiFi details if the network name is exactly 32 characters [14940]
  • Fix bug where the telo is blue but the logo is still blinking red [15236, 18362]
  • Fix SOC bug to also show off-line registered DECT devices (HD2/Linx, not HD1) [16058] - revisit
  • Fix SOC bug to hide "registration mode" on telo that only support one mode [16296]
  • Fix bug where at boot a telo may not properly sync to the database [18557]
  • Fix bug in setting a custom MAC address [18584]
  • Correctly change new installs to use built-in MAC address mode [18842, 13217]
  • Fix bug where wired network connectivity is lost after adding a WiFi network with bad credentials [19013]
  • Block registration mode and play an alert when all 4 DECT slots are taken [19462]
  • Fix SOC bug where the DECT page corrupts when removing a registered device [19466] - introduced in 79183
  • Fix SOC bug to reset static IP fields when switching to Auto/DHCP mode [19540]
  • Fix SOC bug where clicking Next on the WiFi page doesn't present the manual entry page [19587]
  • Fix bug that may cause the telo to not come up correctly after a network flap [19665]
  • Allow base to go into service if NTP cannot be reached [19767]
Bugs fixed that are specific to Residential:
  • Add support for hold reminder beep [5688, 18663, 18683, 18829]
  • Remove pulse heard on HS when going offhook [14295]
  • Fix SOC bug to remove all registered HD1 handsets when clicking 'Remove All' [14390]
  • Fix bug to remove the distortion heard at the end the key press sound [15150]
  • Remove pulse heard on headset during ringing or upon answer [15551]
  • Fix SOC bug to disable the Add button after pairing the maximum number of bluetooth devices [15573]
  • Fix bug where a HS may show the wrong day of the week [16948]
  • Remove the 'RING' monitoring option in the HS UI [17247]
  • Fix HS bug to also add calls that don't complete to the redial list [17657]
  • Fix reminder ring and howler tone on Linx [17814]
  • Fix SOC link to ringtone help [17846]
  • Add some more address book optimization [17896, 18892]
  • Fix bug where calls may not go to voicemail after telo has gone out-of-service [17943]
  • Fix SOC bug to add tooltip text for custom ringtone actions [17947]
  • Add support for the Ooma Safety Phone [18190]
  • Fix unholding a call after a line has transitioned from dialtone to fastbusy [18252]
  • Fix HS bug to not display 'missed call' for abandoned outgoing calls [18543]
  • Fix bug where some HD2 may not charge to their full capacity [18740]
  • Fix bug where the remote party may hear a clicking sound every 10 sec [19250]
  • Fix bug where a device that transitioned to fastbusy/howler doesn't get reminder ring once it goes onhook [18087]
  • Fix bug to start reminder ring after a device doing in-place onhold transitions to fastbusy [18088] *
  • Fix bug where an image added to an existing contact doesn't sync to the HS [18878] - introduced in 73618
  • Fix bug where you get no audio when answering a call using the HS speaker phone button [18982] - intro in 77309
  • Fix bug where the HS shows an incorrect high level of charge after only a short charge [19103]
  • Fix HS bug to show the new Contact image after an update on MyOoma [19209]
  • Fix the Help button on the SOC bluetooth page [19257]
  • Fix bug where telo may crash if buttons are pressed too fast [19336]
  • Fix HS paging [19364] - introduced in 77309
  • Fix SOC bug where telo image, ringtone and bluetooth tabs are missing on newer telo's [19410] - intro in 79183
  • Change the default naming of devices in the HS intercom screen [19450]
  • Fix HS bug where custom device names may not show up on the intercom screen [19459]
  • Fix bug where a HS can show the personal name of another HS [19481]
  • Fix SOC bug to show active HD1 handsets on the DECT tab [19493]
  • Disable sound effects when the speaker is already busy playing something [19558]
  • Fix SOC bug to limit a ringtone file name to 32 characters [19610]
  • Fix bug where a phone fails to receive MWI when hanging up on an intercom call [19720]
Bugs fixed that are specific to Office:
  • Fix bug where the base stops applying configuration updates [17882, 18917]
  • Fix condition that will cause a registration failure of all endpoints [18032]
  • Fix bug where too many attended transfer scenarios are blocked [18856]
  • Fix bug to correct the callerid number shown on a reminder ring [19018]
Bugs introduced in this release:
  • 'Allow access to web interface' is resetting when changing network types [19841] - was fixed in 77309
* in-place onhold is when you press the solid amber line button of an active call