Ooma Telo2 and Office 91813 Release Notes

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Ooma Telo2 and Office 91813 Release Notes

Post by Bobby B » Thu Oct 02, 2014 3:31 pm

Fixes in this release:

  • Add a border around signal strength on the Wireless and DECT pages [10441]
  • Add a 'System' page under the Tools page [12518]
  • Fix bug to block disabling the DECT Radio when there's an active call [14003]
  • Fix bug to show a warning message when changing the IP address of the Home port [15465]
  • Fix an exception that may occur on the Advanced page [19717]
  • Fix bug where DECT devices display incorrectly after removing a device [19867, 20282, 21143]
  • Fix bug to change the Bluetooth MAC Address to a user-friendly format [19876, 20992, 21152]
  • Fix bug to wait 2 min before timing out the add network screen [20259]
  • Fix bug to show a purple logo when DND is enabled [20333]
  • Fix bug to increase the password length limit to 20 characters [21240]
  • Fix bug where adding a wireless network could fail when telo was blinking red [21443]
  • Fix bug to reset the interface after deleting all wireless networks [21468]
  • Add *78/*79 star codes to enable/disable DND [15524]
  • Flash purple 3 times to signal all DECT slots are taken [19463, 20967]
  • Change Office to allow an attended transfer if the second leg is an inbound call [20291]
  • Fix condition that will cause a registration failure of all extensions [20993]
  • Fix bug where a pulsing sound is heard when flashing from dialtone to a waiting call [21562]
  • Fix bug to disable brightness control when out of service [6153]
  • Fix bug to honor the preferred brightness setting when out of service [6153]
  • Fix bug to only send reminder ring to phones in the ring group where a call is onhold [13553]
  • Fix bug to offer reminder ring on intercom calls [14450]
  • Fix bug to terminate the intercom call if the callee rejects the call [15099]
  • Fix bug where the Bluetooth call was not always rejected when forwarding to a paired cell [18935]
  • Add voice confirmation to DECT device registration [19445]
  • Fix bug to not display non-handset DECT devices as 'Handset' [19490, 21286]
  • Fix bug to light up the play key when playing a message [19703]
  • Fix bugs in the logic controlling the front panel lights [20061, 20062, 20076, 20484, 20519, 20959]
  • Fix bug where the telo addressbook was missing a contact [20629]
  • Fix bug to remove a tick sound on the speaker when going into service [20917]
  • Fix bug where the beginning of the 'registration mode enabled' message is cut off [20968]
  • Fix bug where telo can stop providing dialtone [21438]
  • Fix bug where telo may stop responding when adding/deleting wireless networks [21456, 21753]
  • Fix bug where the shared DND status turns on when setting private DND [21482]
  • Fix reboot issue that can happen when adding a second wireless network [21964]
  • Fix the chirp heard on the telo speaker when HD2 monitoring starts [13827]
  • Fix bug where the mute icon stops working when a second call comes in [20871]
  • Fix bug to always show the 'join line' option when pressing talk and there's an active call [21402]
Safety Phone
  • Add support for *82 to the Ooma Safety Phone [19667]
  • Play a warning when speed dial is not configured on the Safety Phone [20345]
  • Play a warning when attempting to use the Safety Phone on a system without Premier [20399]
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