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Ooma Telo/Telo2 98014/98015 Release Notes

Posted: Tue Jan 13, 2015 3:40 pm
by Bobby B
Telo 1
  • Fix issue where switching from HD1 to HD2 mode was taking longer than necessary [22337]
  • Fix issue where the DECT module can fail to start up or trigger a reboot [22631, 22655]
  • Fix issue where Telo with large address books can cause a reboot or bad call audio [22712]
  • Fix reboot issue when receiving a WALL port call on a Telo not configured for landline mode [22859]

Telo 2
  • Fix issue where DECT becomes unresponsive during an interrupted upgrade (requires an RMA) [22891]

  • Fix issue to send a disconnect to the phone port on a remote hangup [12402, 23073]
  • Fix issue where the Linx drops the last character of the caller name [21828]
  • Fix some minor memory management issues [23086, 23088]