Ooma Telo/Telo2 175814/173997 Release Notes

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Ooma Telo/Telo2 175814/173997 Release Notes

Post by Tom » Sun Feb 05, 2017 1:01 pm

  • support for Ooma Internet Security (in beta)
  • support for Ooma Home Monitoring (in beta)
  • Play the DND status prompt over the phone when dialing *78/*79 [19637]
  • Don't play 'Out of range' when a Basic customer attempts a Safety Phone call [21099]
  • On telo2 support pressing the play/stop button to stop a Google voicemail call [21540]
  • Improve task scheduling on telo1 when syncing a large address book [23124]
  • Fix issue where a remote hang up on line2 cancels the ringing screen on line1 [24294]
  • Return the DECT headset to idle upon a remote hangup [25584]
  • Fix issue where a remote hangup on telo2 can trigger a flash to the other line [26413, 29784, 27542]
  • On HD2 fix the callerid display for a reminder ring on line 2 [27556]
  • Fix issue where anonymous calling is broken when setting Google Voice as the callerid [29154]
  • Fix issue where dialing the headset to make a call doesn't work from line2 [29469]
  • Make the duration of the disconnect sent upon remote hangup configurable [30745, 30772]
  • Fix issue where the newer wireless adapter requires a telo reboot to reconnect after a network outage [30838]
  • At boot set QoS upstream to 0 if telo behind router and not using home port [33926]
  • Add a 'select network' button to the setup.ooma wireless page [11790]
  • Add a setup.ooma option to disable the DHCP server[25002]
  • Drop support for WEP on setup.ooma [25755, 28426]
  • For telo1 add the 'Brightness control' option to the setup.ooma Advanced page [33626]
  • Fix issue to disable the 'Register Device' button if there are no free slots [33771]
  • For telo2 fix setup.ooma to show the Ooma logo greyed out when brightness is set to 0 [33799]