Ooma Telo/Telo2 191303 Release Notes

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Ooma Telo/Telo2 191303 Release Notes

Post by Tom » Thu Jun 15, 2017 8:33 am

  • Fix issue where a sensor may show the wrong state after service startup [35518]
  • Indicate on the app that the service on the telo is starting up [35730, 35731]
  • Fix issues in preparing a telo to run the service [35874, 36230, 36706]
  • Do not play base announcements for low battery, tampering, and disconnected states on mode changes [36001]
  • Do not send notifications for disconnected sensors [36001]
  • Fix pairing mode on telo intermittently failing [36048]
  • Fix error that can happen during service startup [36141]
  • Fix error that can happen when unpairing a sensor [36157]
  • Wait longer before deciding the service is offline [36225, 36627]
  • Fix a DECT reset that can happen during a sensor upgrade [36775]
  • Fix issue that prevents a sensor from upgrading [36807]
  • Limit the number of sensor upgrade attempts [36842]
  • Fix issue on telo2 to show an alert when pressing play and voicemail is disabled [31942]
  • Wait 3 more seconds for additional digits when a user dials 011 [34389]
  • Allow the phone port to drop a voicemail call when seizing the line in alarm mode [34847]
  • Fix issue where calls in some network topologies intermittently fail [35988, 36091]
  • Fix support for the Bluetooth-only adapter on telo1 [35999]
  • Allow home port IP forwarding to port 80 [33654]
  • Remove support for TKIP wireless encryption [35066]
  • Do not restart wireless when the priority of a configured but not connected network is changed [35293]
  • Add ability to set Do-Not-Disturb on the Tools|System page [35366, 36569]
  • Do not allow change of password when accessing setup.ooma.com over wireless [35492]