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Ooma Telo2 273486 Release Notes

Posted: Tue Apr 10, 2018 11:51 am
by Tom
  • Fix issue where the battery status is sometimes reported as unknown [108]
  • Fix issue where a sensor can be reported as disconnected while it's upgrading [1515]
  • Fix issue where DECT modules running older firmware don't upgrade causing the telo to blink blue [384]
HD3 Handset
  • Fix some issues that can happen during a handset upgrade [67,94,188]
  • Add Redial to the Options menu of an established call [108]
  • Add Phonebook and Call Log to the Options menu of an established call [109]
  • Fix drop of first call if you return to it soon after answering a second call [124]
  • In home state map the center button to the Phonebook [130]
  • Fix issue where baby monitoring doesn't auto answer [138]
  • Fix issue where the Phonebook can stop displaying all contacts after a search [142, HD2 1252]
  • Fix issue with adjusting ring volume while the handset is ringing [143]
  • Use two digits for 24-hour clock [205]
  • Increase volume of registration beep and paging sound [66,190]
  • Add the Back softkey to all applicable screens [104]