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Ooma Office2 353813 Release Notes

Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2018 9:45 am
by Tom
  • Add support for call park and transfer [146, 268]
  • Fix issue where onhook is ignored if the display is showing certain menus [184]
  • Flash the backlight for the visible ring feature [206]
  • Fix issue where an outgoing call is shown as an answered call in the call logs screen [214]
  • Fix issue where can't switch calls if the display is showing certain menus [222]
  • Increase the earpiece volume [254]
  • Fix issue where one call disconnects when putting another on hold [260]
  • Fix issue of no audio on the speaker if unhold a call after rejecting the reminder ring [273]
  • Fix issue where dial tone is heard but 'enter phone number' isn't shown [276]
  • Fix issue where the redial screen doesn't populate [285]
  • Turn the speaker back on after switching lines [288]
  • Fix issue where the line2 LED doesn't stay lit when putting line1 on hold [485]
  • Fix delayed dialtone issue [42]