Ooma Telo2 402520 Release Notes

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Ooma Telo2 402520 Release Notes

Post by Tom » Sun Mar 10, 2019 1:23 pm

  • Add support for LTE dongle
  • Add support for HD3 Smart Security announcements
  • Fix answering of a waiting call on DECT headset [113]
  • On TeloAir change default MAC to builtin and fix setting of custom MAC [18, 483]
  • Fix premier fax if behind router and not using home port [525]
  • Fix issue with no dialtone on DP1 when releasing hookswitch more quickly [109]
  • Fix answering of a waiting call after remote hangs up on first call [492]
  • Fix issue on DP1 where the callerid sometimes doesn't display [17]
  • Play a warning when try to make an outbound call with both lines in use [795]
  • Fix issue with Smart Security sometimes restarting [3868, 3958, 4023, 4121]
  • Fix issue where handsets sometimes hang in Connecting state [272, 1266]
  • Make the siren sound more intrusive [40, 4036]
  • Add hardware version to the DP1 About menu [340]
  • Fix 1-way audio issue with DP1 going on- and off-hold [292]