Ooma Telo 31387 Release Notes

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Ooma Telo 31387 Release Notes

Post by Dennis P » Sun Nov 15, 2009 7:41 pm

31387 has been released today for Ooma Telo. This version enables the Ooma Telo Handset to work with the Ooma Telo device. Here are some important notes about this release:
  • Support is limited to one handset. Multi-handset support will be available in a couple of weeks. If you pair more than one handset, the second and subsequent handsets will receive a "max registration exceeded" error message. Other functions not enabled on the handset yet include Contact List and Intercom.
  • The first time you pair a handset with the Ooma Telo, we recommend that you turn off the handset by pressing and holding the "hangup" button for 2 seconds. Next, power cycle the Ooma Telo device by unplugging the power for 5 seconds and then plugging it back in. When the Ooma Telo returns to service, press-and-hold the page (antenna) key for 2 seconds to activate the registration function. You should see the antenna icon blink. Now, turn on the handset by pressing the "hangup" key again. You should be prompted to enter a PIN number which you can find at http://my.ooma.com/pin. Your handset should then be paired with your Telo.
  • If your handset stops at a screen that says "Telo 100" or get stuck at "Loading 0%" with the software update, press the "talk" key twice and then power off the handset (press and hold the "hangup" button for 2 seconds). Press the "hangup" key to turn on the handset and this time the handset should begin downloading new software. This takes 2-3 minutes after which the handset will automatically reboot with the new version.
  • You can check to make sure you are running the right version of Telo and Handset firmware by pressing "menu" and selecting "information". The version numbers should read PTCL14W20091113, FTCL15N20091113 and 31387.
  • My Ooma previously contained a parameter under the System Preferences page called "Enable fax mode". This has been renamed "Enable high-bandwidth codec". This selection enables the G711 codec which is recommended if you have a fax machine connected to your Telo. A second parameter will soon be available to further optimize fax performance.
Here is a list of other important fixes in this release:

- Dialtone slow to stop when user starts dialing
- *82 does not unblock caller-id
- Add *98 to force G711 calls (without fax mode)
- Better detection of remote disconnect on landline
- Fix lack of remote ringback on a call-waiting call
- Ooma Telo may restart on second incoming (call-waiting) call
- Ooma Telo occasionally loses dialtone on FXS port, hear modem-like tone instead
- Fixed problem with decoding caller-id on certain landlines
- Add running light indicator during boot to show progress
- Fixed Telo from restarting with one call active and a landline call rolls to voicemail
- Fixed call monitoring for landline calls
- Fix delay in Telo processing calls after boot
- Significant improvement to make landline integration mode work better with Telo