Ooma Telo 35170 Release Notes

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Ooma Telo 35170 Release Notes

Post by Dennis P » Mon Mar 22, 2010 4:50 pm

Update 3/24: A fix for the problem identified in 35170 has been tested and is ready for release. The rollout of 35452 will begin tonight. Release notes to be posted shortly.

UPDATE 3/22: Rollout of 35170 has been halted due to an issue identified Friday night. We are creating a workaround that is in testing now and we hope to have ready to go later this week. This post will be updated when we know the release number and timeline for rollout.

Release 35170 will begin to rollout to all Telo customers tonight. This release supports Ooma PureVoice, but the benefits of PureVoice will not be available until our servers have been fully upgraded. Server upgrades are scheduled to begin next week. In the meantime, there are a large number of bug fixes in this release (see the list below) including a fix for daylight savings time. We have also added intercom and speed dialing functions to the handset. The much-delayed contact list function will be entering beta shortly and we hope to have that rolled out to everyone as soon as possible.

Fix handset display of daylight savings time
Fix 7/10-digit dialing in some locales
Fix problem with connecting landline calls to voicemail
Fix issue where Telo may play fast busy or reorder tone over all other audio
Fix outbound DTMF issues with some carriers
Fix outbound calling on line 2 when first call went out on PSTN line
Fix issue where HS continues ringing if FXS answers or remote abandons soon after call comes in
Fix issue where Telo will reboot if two calls are on hold
Fix issue where Telo may stop processing calls after the VPN connection re-establishes
Fix problem where caller-ID always showed primary phone number
Fix problem where voicemail would stay connected after listening to all messages
Fix issue where *67 was not blocking caller-ID
Fix handling of send-to-voicemail button during voicemail call
Fix 10-digit dialing with speed dial
Prevent "call sent to vm" message from displaying for too long
Play fast busy if you intercom to yourself
Fix display issue at min/max volume levels
Use correct source phone number for call log on private device
Play error message when *69 on unknown number
Increase maximum speaker volume by 3dB
Better call-waiting caller-id compatibility on FXS (still not perfect)
Add speed dial support (on # key)
Add intercom support (on key below #)
Add join/unjoin tones for party line
Fix SIP stack re-initialization during VPN server changes
Fix calls to destinations which require early media
Fix SIP stack re-initialization issue on configuration changes
Improve DTMF responsiveness
Allow call to be answered from handset even if ringer has been muted
Fix more one-way audio scenarios
Integrate DTMF fix in the downstream call path
Integrate 20100202 base station and handset firmware
Fix failover to secondary carriers under certain conditions
Prevent monitoring screen from staying on if remote party hangs up quickly
Fix network configuration changes not being written to flash immediately
Fix failover to secondary carriers under more conditions
Fix 7-digit dialing in certain areas
Update PPPoE distribution
Disable DND from handset if not Premier
Fix race condition where handset may be left in monitoring mode
Remove null entries at bottom of recently called list
Add confirmation message for calls sent to voicemail from handset
Fixed 10 digit dialing for certain area codes
Updated PPP distribution
Prevent Telo from going into service when base station firmware is being loaded
Enable call-waiting when answering first call if two calls come in at the same time
Integrate 20100201 base station and handset firmware
Fix issue with dialing DTMF quickly
Fix SRTP sequence number rollover issue with packet loss
Add support for image splitting and partial image downloads
Add support for new flash memory part
Fix Telo crash if play voicemail while call is ringing
Fix distinctive ring not working on handset
Fix problem with de-register and re-register fourth handset
Support exit from voicemail call state when other line is active
Allow voicemail speed dial in held call state
Handle abandoning of pre-dialing during held call state
Exit out of menu after selecting "send call to voicemail" option
Show caller name correctly if intercept monitored call
Don't monitor call if call was muted by the user
Fix handset not ringing when call came in during monitor state
Close timing window if answer call between ringing and monitor state
Disable certain menu items which are not allowed in service tier
Fix incoming fax for non-Premier users
Fix some one-way audio issues
Decrease frequency of polls to management server
Remove # from end of all dial strings in recent call lists
Fixed active call screen when private handset picks up shared call
Fixed handset from getting blocked from upgrade if user presses menu
Fixed registration and upgrade issues when handling factory default firmware (20091012)
Fixed handset registration issues after factory reset of Telo
Added error message when trying to register 5th handset to Telo

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