Ooma Telo 38948 Release Notes

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Ooma Telo 38948 Release Notes

Post by Bobby B » Wed Jul 28, 2010 10:11 am

Release notes for Telo version 38948 (7/27/2010):

DTMF received from outside can now be heard on phone port [8730]
Fix problem with inbound not working soon after boot [8891]
New handset firmware, DCM 0611, handset 0601 [6463, 8085, 8526]
Fix problem where the handset can briefly switch to speaker mode when unholding a call [6463]
Fix problem where some Telo's cannot update the DECT module image [8085, 8786]
Fix problem where a handset on a call cannot answer an intercom call - complete fix coming soon [8309]
Fix problem where the * key is sometimes consumed during pre-dialing [8526]
A call made from a bluetooth headset using *1x now has a callerid matching the originating number [8661]
New star code to access Google Voice from handset is *#483 [8726]
Fix problem of Telo getting into a state where it's unable to create a channel [8733]
Fix problem where a handset can't unhold 1st makecall after remote hangs up on 2nd makecall [8771]
Click heard after first ringback now softer - complete fix coming soon [8781]
On landline telo's 911 calls now go out IP if PSTN is unsafe to use [8803]
Fix problem where the line locks up after a certain type of misdial [8848]
On telos without premier fix problem where flash doesn't pick up second call [8165]
Fix switching between lines when press play and call arrives on other line [5131]
Add support for hold reminder ring, currently only for phone attached to telo base [5633]
Show caller info when handset intercepts a PSTN call that rolled to voicemail [6568]
Announcements played before remote party answers can now be heard [7191]
Fix display of *69 when last number to redial is not available [7875]
On telos without premier do not generate ring when second call arrives [8165]
Give immediate dialtone if user presses hookswitch after a misdial [8302]
Drop other end of intercom call when one end hangs up [8307]
Fix problem with making a call on a handset that made an intercom call [8308]
Fix error message when entering mac of bluetooth device on setup page [8338]
Continue showing held call screen after going onhook on other line [8561]
Fix turning on of message indicator if a handset is powered up after boot [8565]
Fix baby monitor display if a call comes in and a menu is showing [8569]
Fix problem with dialing star code and then selecting contact from address book [8591]
Add bluetooth devices to "Call All" intercom option [8621]
Display name of bluetooth headset that handset is calling [8624]
Fix audio issue when a cell phone takes audio back after a bluetooth handoff [8651]
Fix delete device in setup so a bluetooth device can return to a previous telo and pair again [8653]
Fix cases where handset can not join call after a handoff to bluetooth headset [8755]
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