Ooma Telo 41189 Release Notes

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Ooma Telo 41189 Release Notes

Post by Bobby B » Thu Oct 07, 2010 11:46 am

Enable HD Voice on the Telo (see this FAQ). Test numbers with HD samples will provided within the next few days so you can try it out.
Fix display of Call-Waiting Caller-ID when receiving call on secondary number [9481]
Fix problem with Google voicemail call [8888]
Fix call disconnect problem during three-way conference calls [7268]
Can't pick up 2nd call if remote hangs up on 1st during call waiting [8852]
HS can't send ringing call to voicemail after telo presses play [8928]
Add contact phone number type to Call Log screen [9260]
Fix problem with telo taking too long to detect the interport is unplugged [9327]
Enable save/erase of an AddressBook entry in the call log menu [8038]
Switch to voicemail menu mode when press play and call arrives on other line [5131]
Fix problem if telo can't resolve *.ooma.com [7263]
Send next incoming call to voicemail if monitoring is in progress [7294]
Dynamically adjust the redundant payload number for PureVoice [7366]
Telo in bad state if remove and reinsert dongle before making Bluetooth call [8657]
Cancel ringing outbound call when line is put onhold [8686]
Ignore the "Voicemail Speaker On" option if already offhook [8719]
Display calls in your call log if your outbound caller-ID blocked [8808]
Do address book lookup even if cname appears initial call request [8809]
HS can't unhold first call after intercepting monitor call and remote hangs up [8813]
Also show Mute in the ringback screen on non-intercom calls [8818]
Fix crash if hold and release hookswitch after certain misdials [8883]
Fix problem where after a HS-to-Bluetooth transfer the next intercom call also transfers [8884]
Can now dial *#483 from telo base phone to access Google Voice [8888]
Fix address book lookup in call waiting screen [8942]
Add WAN and LAN IP addresses to HS information menu [9062]
Add star code for iLBC (*96) [9160]
Fix problem with call-waiting caller-id display on certain phones [5984]
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