Old but new Telo - can't reach www.ooma.com??

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Old but new Telo - can't reach www.ooma.com??

Post by locosman » Wed Oct 14, 2020 9:58 pm

Here's the situation: I bought an Ooma Telo brand new at a local big brand retailer. Forgot about it for a few years, and found it sealed in its original packaging about 2 weeks ago.

I unboxed it, activated it and it's definitely connected to the internet, my account is set up, but the rose is blinking red.

The Telo's Internet jack is connected to my router, and I have a PC connected to the Telo's "Home Network" jack. The PC gets an IP address( from the Telo's DHCP server, and can browse the web including setup.ooma.com, so the Telo is obviously talking to the Internet.

From : "TO INTERNET Port", "HOME NETWORK port", and "OOMA Tunnel" all show as "Connected". Applications are "running", and services are green check marks. However, shows:
Internet: Connected
Ooma Network: Not connected - Attempting to connect to the Ooma network
Device Settings: Waiting for Configuration

To be clear, my ooma account has been set up using the activation code on the bottom, got a (great!) phone number, and credit card was charged about $5 for a month of fees. The https://my.ooma.com/account/services shows the device with the correct MAC address.

I also did a factory reset ( trash+stop keys, as suggested in another port) with no improvement.

I contacted live support and they called back and left a voice mail saying "There's a problem with your unit. You need to buy a more recent one."

I've seen another very similar post and it was solved by having the firmware updated. Should be easy enough, however this is where the bugs show up. The pc connected to the Home Network port can surf the internet except for: www.ooma.com
What is going on? I'm wondering if the Telo has the ip address of www.ooma.com hardcoded into the firmware?

There's got to be a way to update the firmware. Isn't there?

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Re: Old but new Telo - can't reach www.ooma.com??

Post by murphy » Thu Oct 15, 2020 2:36 am

setup.ooma.com is not on the internet. It is the url for the local address of the Telo.

Can you reach any real internet address.

Try this:
Turn off your modem. If it has a backup battery, disconnect it.
Turn off the Telo.
Connect the Telo "to internet" port to the modem.
Turn on the modem and wait until it is completely synchronized with your ISP.
Turn on the Telo and let it sit. Don't connect a computer to it.
It is probably way behind on firmware updates.
It can take hours for the updates to happen if it has to go through multiple versions to get from where it is to the current version.

Are you certain that your router has no output ports blocked?
Do you have any VPNs set up in the router? The Telo can't run its VPN through another VPN.
If the Telo can't set up its VPN to the server it will not work.
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Re: Old but new Telo - can't reach www.ooma.com??

Post by locosman » Thu Oct 15, 2020 1:59 pm

Thx for asking. I’m positive. Also connected the OOma directly to the cable modem. And took it to another house to try an entirely different ISP (Fibre based) with identical results. It’s so odd that www.ooma.com is the only unreachable web address.

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