Second Line Questions

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Second Line Questions

Post by tbgb50 » Wed Jun 22, 2022 5:40 am

I have a new Telo with a "temporary" number that is working fine. I plan to port my landline number and sign up for the Premiere plan and contacted customer service 3 times with these questions without having much confidence in their answers. If you can help it is appreciated:

I have a Panasonic cordless phone system and an HD3 handset:

If I setup the second line on the HD3 handset is it truly a separate line with its own outbound caller ID?

If I turn off call waiting on both lines will they work complete separately? I do not need or want to be able to answer the primary number on the HD3 and do not want calls to the secondary number to ring/click on the primary line on the Panasonic.



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