Internet Port and Ooma Tunnel Disconnected

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Internet Port and Ooma Tunnel Disconnected

Post by DGOomaUser » Wed Aug 03, 2022 4:28 am

My new Telo Air 2 stopped working and rebooting all equipment didn't fix it. I connected it to my laptop and ran the Setup utility, and found under "Device Status" that the Internet Port and Ooma Tunnel are "Disconnected." All other parameters appear normal. I ran the port scan that indicated a "Denied Port" for UDP 53.

I called Ooma Advanced Tech support and spent 30 minutes speaking to a young man who had me check several parameters and had me reset the wireless settings (I had been using the Telo with a network cable, not wireless). He could not give me an answer as to why the Internet Port and Ooma Tunnel were showing as "disconnected." He put me on hold several times, possibly to consult his colleagues, which did not instill confidence. After resetting the wireless, he told me to wait 30 minutes for the unit to reconfigure, which I did and but did not fix the problem.

I am using a NetGear Nighhawk M1 mobile router that was working perfectly with the Telo. I've made no changes to the router and it's working with other devices.

I did a factory reset on the Telo and the Setup utility still shows the same issues. The unit is giving double red flashes. Any suggestions?

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