new HD3 handset won't hold charge

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new HD3 handset won't hold charge

Post by p_mac » Fri May 19, 2023 5:09 pm

I recently (3 weeks ago) migrated my home phone to Ooma. I purchased the Telo 2 with 3 Handsets through Amazon, (which uses the Ooma store). 1 of the handsets "dies" within 12 hrs of installing new batteries, regardless of the charger used ( tried on all 3). Called Ooma Customer Care group, & they said, yes, the handset appears to be defective, but since it was ordered through Amazon, I had to deal with them. All Amazon would do is a Full replacement of the entire system, Anyone have the instructions on how to doe this without setting up a new account? It would be easier to just replace the bad handset, in my opinion.
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Re: new HD3 handset won't hold charge

Post by Robek » Mon May 22, 2023 5:40 pm

Before replacing the old Telo, ask Ooma support for more detailed instructions about how to transfer the existing account to a new Telo, and then decide whether it's worth the extra effort. It probably just involves another phone call with the new activation code, but only Ooma can say for certain.

Or, if the defective handset otherwise works ok (except for charging batteries), then consider using either the other handsets or an external charger to charge the defective handset's batteries. To extend the time between charges, turn off the handset when not in use, (by pressing the red 'Hangup' key for three seconds).

Or else just get another handset. The myOoma store currently has HD3 handsets on sale right now, but other users have also recommended getting a Panasonic phone instead, with its own cordless handsets.

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