ADSL modem router blocks VOIP?

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Re: ADSL modem router blocks VOIP?

Post by twyant » Fri Jan 05, 2024 8:26 pm

I had an OOMA telo that was working fine with Frontier ADSL, until about a month ago when it went into a red flashing state and the handsets would not even find the base station. Intermittanly it would work, but gernerally it just stayed dead. I contacted OOMA supprt and they said they were having an outage and would contact me when it was resolved. They never informed me the this problem was resolved, and problem persisted. There is no troubleshooting information avalaible and OOMA support is non-existent. I have tested the Telo on another network and it seems to work fine, so there is something that Fronteir or their ADSL router is doing that makes the service useless on this network/router. I have tried disabling the firewall and setting the dns to Google's, but this did nothing to resolve the issue.

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Re: ADSL modem router blocks VOIP?

Post by Robek » Tue Jan 09, 2024 10:35 am

Try accessing the Telo device settings, and run the port scan utility under the Tools menu, to confirm or rule out any blocked TCP/UDP ports. Ooma's support web site provides more information about which ports Ooma uses. Follow up with Frontier about any blocked ports.

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