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final phone bill

Posted: Fri Dec 03, 2010 9:29 am
by dlpa968
I know this is not technically for setting up the ooma but it pertains to it. I just installed it and i was thinking of porting my home phone on to it.

I need to find out how the phone companies will bill the last bill. Will it be partial or whole? my new pay period for the landline is dec. 7 (55$) so i was wondering if anyone has any experience with this. If they bill the whole month i might as well just cancel my landline and keep what was to be my temporary phone number.

One other thing is will ooma change my number at no fee to another if i request to? i couldn't find a number in my are and had to get a near by area code, so i would like to change the number to my original area code.

Although i love ooma already i find it incredible that a costumer can spend $200 on equipment + service(port and/or premier) and they will not have phone numbers accessible for my area code (miami, fl). I can literally open any number of brand new gmail accounts and get all gvoice numbers in my area code without any type of hassle. :x

Re: final phone bill

Posted: Fri Dec 03, 2010 9:54 am
by lbmofo
The landline company would pro-rate your bill; give you refund for unused portion of the month.

When you first sign up with Ooma, you'd have trial of Premier, you can add a 2nd number to your account.

If you like the 2nd number better, you can call Ooma customer service and have them make the 2nd number your primary number.

Re: final phone bill

Posted: Fri Dec 03, 2010 11:07 am
by dlpa968
Thanks for the very useful post. I called them and was able to set up a secondary line with the are code, this is very nice feature of the service (prem. trial). I might try the number porting now that i know it can be prorated, thanks again. :D

However, still i think they should make it easier on the new user to get a number. I noticed that while i was signing up, the search for phone in the sign up process would pop up a separate window advising you to call them, and then clear all the phone number entrance field in the page. When i did it through >>preferences>>phonenumbers it would show me a different window and not clear the field. It was easier because i could try to search for example 305-224x, 305-22x, etc instead of having to enter the whole number every time i did a search.

Also, they had numbers available under the same area code and different post-fix, 305-xx1. This means that they don't search all the base of numbers that are available and is somewhat misleading to the costumer. New costumers then think they need to port their number to be able to get their area code or be faced with trying every single postfix like, 305-201, 305-202,......etc. This in turn serves them to get more people to go for the 40$ porting or the yearly service of premier. Other websites that offer voip or forwarding like sipgate, or gvoice, actually look for any number thats under your area code regardless of the post-fix and then suggest it to you on a list and let the costumer decide.

The technical support was great, and the quality seems great so far. I think they just need to be a little more clear with their phone number search instead of giving misleading results. BTW there was only 3 numbers available so i would have had to go through the entire list of numbers,, to be able to find them. They should take note.

When i thought there was no numbers i felt i would be forced to port or return the hardware, thats not fair practice. I would have just returned the hardware since i don't like companies forcing me to get their way. Same reason i'm running away from the typical phone provider. Ooma should take note.

Re: final phone bill

Posted: Fri Dec 03, 2010 11:21 am
by lbmofo
I did notice that while activating, if you put in different area code/prefix combos, Ooma presents different numbers to choose from.

Re: final phone bill

Posted: Fri Dec 03, 2010 4:07 pm
by southsound
[quote="dlpa968" I can literally open any number of brand new gmail accounts and get all gvoice numbers in my area code without any type of hassle.[/quote]
And that may not be a bad idea! I have been using two GV numbers for the last year - one for personal use and one for the non-profit organization we manage. I point the personal one to my cell and can choose between my ooma system, another VoIP system, or my landline with just the click of a mouse. I like the flexibility and power of having GV and my front end - and I use it "naked" without the Premier Extensions for Google Voice. Just plain GV gives me loads of features and it works well with ooma. JMHO.

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