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How to set up Ooma Telo if you have ATT UVERSE

Posted: Sun Jan 02, 2011 10:00 am
by Gigabyte Gurl
I called ATT and Ooma because my Ooma was killing my Uverse tv/internet. I got conflicting answers from both. Finally, I figured this out myself:

Make these 2 changes:

Plug the telo into any port on your 2Wire RG, I used port 4. Plug a laptop or computer into the home port and go the oomasetup screen. Under Advanced, change the upload and download to 0 which will make the 2wire RG handle the quality of service.

2wire Rg
Plug a laptop or computer into the 2wire router and go to the setup screen at Under LAN, if the range is set to on up, then select the next button down for on up. This will allow the Ooma to reside in the range and not interfere with the TV and Internet in the range.

Been working perfectly ever since!

Re: How to set up Ooma Telo if you have ATT UVERSE

Posted: Mon Jan 03, 2011 9:29 pm
by kevinysf
So here's how I set mine up

Plugged the Ooma Telo into a port in the back of my uverse modem

Uverse assigned an IP atddress to the modem
The Home Network IP was set to

I then plugged my wireless router into the home network on the Ooma

Under router settings I assigned a static IP to the router
set the Gateway IP address and DNS Server to the Home Network IP

Under LAN settings set the IP to and turn DHCP on
Connect computers and everything else to your router not the uverse box or Ooma.

Everything is working great.

Re: How to set up Ooma Telo if you have ATT UVERSE

Posted: Sun Jan 09, 2011 3:28 pm
by Gigabyte Gurl
I'm interested in your post where you plugged a wireless router into the Ooma Telo Home port.

Did you do that because you don't use the wireless on the 2wire RG and wanted to set up some kind of parental controls? I'm just curious.

Also, did you set the upload/download on the Ooma Telo to 0?

I find my HD channels are stopping sometimes and the sound goes from loud to soft in a wave.

Re: How to set up Ooma Telo if you have ATT UVERSE

Posted: Wed Jan 12, 2011 10:08 pm
by kevinysf
By setting it up this way I can use the wireless on both the RG and the router. They'll be on two different networks though. The RG will be on and my router set itself to

I ended up turning the RG wireless off go with my wireless N router only. Additionally I connected the Ooma to the WAN port on the router and yes, I set the Ooma upload/download to 0.

I haven't seen any issues with the HD signal.

Re: How to set up Ooma Telo if you have ATT UVERSE

Posted: Wed Jan 12, 2011 10:28 pm
by kevinysf
I just moved my router from the Ooma and plugged it into the network port on my STB. I'm getting Internet from the STB and everything seems to be running fine.

Re: How to set up Ooma Telo if you have ATT UVERSE

Posted: Fri Jan 14, 2011 4:26 pm
by Gigabyte Gurl
I'm trying to follow what you did. You put your wireless N router into the WAN on the STB so that it handles the QoS, but where is your OOma plugged in? Is it plugged in after the Uverse 2wire RG?

The reason I ask is that my internet has recently been dropping until I reboot the computer. Do I need to set up the QoS in the Uverse 2wire RG and how and what would I set it to.

I also want to set some parental controls and the 2wire RG doesn't have any, so I've been thinking about adding a router and the wireless N would be great so that I can reach rooms that are farther from the router. Do you have a recommendation as to what to get and how to set it up.

I was a computer programmer many years ago, but so much has changed and I don't know all the lingo so go easy on me!

Re: How to set up Ooma Telo if you have ATT UVERSE

Posted: Fri Jan 14, 2011 10:57 pm
by kevinysf
I have the RG upstairs in my office and I plugged the Ooma Telo into port 1 of the RG router.

Downstairs I plugged into the network plug on my Uverse STB and the WAN port on my Wireless N router.

I'm guessing that the RG is handling the QOS on both my router and Ooma. I'm also guessing that by plugging the router into the STB it's basically like plugging into a port on the RG as if it were in parallel with the Ooma and not behind the Ooma.

I don't think you needed to change the IP of your RG. I think you could have left the default. The modem side of the Telo would then get an IP from your RG. The Home Network side would then have IP

I'm guessing since you put your RG to it's conflicting with the home network side of Ooma (which is also

When you plug your wireless router in behind the Ooma it should detect that it's a router behind router and assign the wireless an IP address similar to You would then attach everything to the router and their IP addresses would be

I've been using Netgear routers for a while now and have had success with them. If you have equipment that uses the 5ghz spectrum then I recommend the WNDR3700 or WNDR4000. If you don't need a dual band then look at the WNR200 or SNR3500L which adds a gigabit router.

On a side note, since the router is no longer plugged into the Ooma I can't access but that does not seem to be a problem for now.

Re: How to set up Ooma Telo if you have ATT UVERSE

Posted: Sat Jan 15, 2011 4:53 pm
by Gigabyte Gurl
Thank you for explaining makes sense. I am going to try and change it because it keeps going down after a day or so. I think plugging the wireless router into the STB is the way to go because the RG is not handling the QoS.

I wonder if there is a way to set QoS on the RG...does anyone know?

I know how you can access the because I just did it myself. Plug a computer temporarily into the ooma telo "Home" to set it up and go to Go to Advanced and you will see at the bottom "Port Forwarding". Add a new rule to use port 80 to forward to Save your changes and now you can access it from any computer on your network. Since the Ooma is connected to the RG, no one can see the Port 80 behind the firewall unless you have 80 open on your RG which would not be good.

Thanks for your is a great product, but the support is solved mostly from the forum!

Re: How to set up Ooma Telo if you have ATT UVERSE

Posted: Sat Jan 15, 2011 8:30 pm
by Leeway
I'm sorry but I have to ask why on earth some people make so much of connecting to Uverse?

I had Uverse for over a year. I simply plugged my Telo into the RG and never, ever touched anything else. I didn't look for QOS or play with ports or anything else. U-verse RG was just smart enough to put the Telo in the DMZ zone all by itself and I was running just fine. Sometimes I think people are just trying too hard to tweek things that don't need it. I never played with QOS and the RG because I didn't have to. Perhaps less is more in this case. I was fine with unplugging everything and rebooting the RG and waiting and then the Telo.

Plug your Ooma into the RG or a switch and reboot "everything in the correct order". It works like a charm with no hassle.


Re: How to set up Ooma Telo if you have ATT UVERSE

Posted: Sat Jan 15, 2011 8:51 pm
by Gigabyte Gurl
We use Uverse with 8 computers and 6 people, HD DVR downloading all kinds of programs, so we have a lot of traffic. Maybe you don't tax your system as much as we do so we are finding conflicts that need resolution.

You mentioned that you plugged in your Ooma and the RG changed it to DMZ...mine did not...maybe that is what should be done.

Sorry to make such a big deal, but we need our T.V. and Internet to stop going down because of Ooma. Never had the problem before Ooma. Please offer suggestions to help because that is what the forum is for.