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Re: My Ooma Telo does not have a "wall" jack

Posted: Sun May 15, 2011 11:10 am
by kenepp1
Disregard this post. I made it before I realized there were multiple pages on this topic and now see the single phone jack is the latest model.

I bought my Telo at Costco May 7. It is just like the photo above. I was trying to do call forwarding to my home phone and called the "Customer Service". When she started talking about the wall-jack and I said I did not have one, she said I must not have the latest model, but I think she was just reading out of a manual.

If someone who recently bought one with a phone and wall jack, please note the model and revision for us. Since I have my Panasonic Detect 6 base phone (and 3 cordless phones) plugged into the "Phone" jack on the TELO , I don't think I will never need the Wall-jack anyway.