Ooma fine before vacation, now frozen 1 & 2 blue lights?

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Ooma fine before vacation, now frozen 1 & 2 blue lights?

Post by noazrk01 » Sat Jun 25, 2011 7:14 pm

Got back today from 7 day vacation. When I left I simply shut off the power strip to Ooma, router & modem.

When I powered it up it didn't reset like normal. The 1 & 2 lights are solid blue, phone doesn't work and no internet connection to desktop. My connection has always been modem-ooma-hub.

I powered off and reconnected a few times, no luck. Oddly enough, the installation guide online now suggests modem-hub-ooma so I powered off everything and reconfigured the 3 (M-H-O), then turned them on in order one at a time in the new configuration....no dice! Btw, doing it like this at least gives me internet now.

Does anyone know how to help? Was there an update this week that I didn't get by leaving it unplugged?

Should I do a hard reset, if so how?

Thanks for any help! I'll probably shut it all off and put back the M-O-H configuration 1 device at a time but I'm doubtful it'll work.


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Re: Ooma fine before vacation, now frozen 1 & 2 blue lights?

Post by thunderbird » Sun Jun 26, 2011 12:36 am

Some people have had this problem and just let their Ooma Telo connected over night, and in the morning every thing was working fine. But it isn't try the following:

Connect from your Ooma Telo Internet port to one of the router LAN ports.

Power the Ooma Telo.

Are you seeing at the Ooma Telo Internet port two tiny lights, one solid, and one flashing once in awhile?

If you aren't you Ooma Telo is probably defective. It could be your power adapter or the Ooma device. If you do see these lights, let your Ooma Telo boot as far as it will boot. If it boots all of the way, stop here, check for Ooma dial tone. If it doesn’t boot all the way and you can't hear Oom dial tone, continue below:

Temporarily access Ooma Setup by connecting a network cable from the Ooma Telo Home port to the wired LAN port of a computer. Temporarily turn off Wi-Fi in the computer, if you have Wi-Fi turned on in your computer. Restart the computer. Type in your computer browser window. The Ooma Setup pages should open.

Click on Internet, go to Connection type: and click the down arrow. Select Dynamic (DHCP).

Go down to INTERNET Port MAC Address: and click on Use Built In. Click on Update Device.

Reboot the Router. When the Router is done booting, reboot the Ooma Telo.

If these things doesn't help contact Ooma Customer Service. Maybe they can see something from their side.

If your Ooma Telo is defective and within the one year warranty period, Ooma will send you out shipping prepaid a replacement Ooma Telo, along with a prepaid shipping label to return the defective Ooma Telo.

Customer Support
Email: support@oomacare.com
Phone: 1-888-711-OOMA (6662)
Monday-Friday 7am-7pm PST
Saturday-Sunday 8am-5pm PST

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