Caller ID on TV

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Re: Caller ID on TV

Post by thunderbird » Sun Jul 03, 2011 10:21 am

bjanton wrote:HR23-700
Instructions for setting up caller ID below.

I have read where someone used a reverse DSL filter installed in the line to the Direct TV box, (even if you don't have DSL Internet service) to make the Caller ID work with the TV?

Direct TV instructions:
Caller ID:
To set up your receiver to display an onscreen notices whenever you receive a
call, press MENU and select “Caller ID,” then select “Turn on Notices.” This
will toggle the option to now read “Turn off Notices.”
You can review your 25 most recent calls in the call log at any time. To see
your call log, press MENU, select “Caller ID” then select “Call Log.” Highlight
and select a name to delete that listing from your log.
On Standard-Definition Receivers, set up your receiver to display onscreen
call notices as follows: Press MENU, select “TVmail & Caller ID,” then “Turn
On Notices.” To display your Call Log, select “TVmail & Caller ID,” select “Edit
Settings”, then select “Caller ID.”

If you are using an Ooma Telo, try using Star Ninety Eight *98, (but this is for the Direct TV box to call out, not for an incoming call, and that function is probably already working with *99).

Test with your TV on, call your Ooma number with your cell phone.

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Re: Caller ID on TV

Post by celblazer » Sun Jul 03, 2011 1:33 pm

bjanton wrote:Found an old cord phone and tried it but did not work, tried it in other wall ports that I knew had been working and the cord phone did not work with them either. I think the wall port must be active as I have ordered movies through the direct tv box since disconnected from the land line and it worked.
The directv box will let you order movies until the card fills up about $25 without a phone line attached. So ordering movies doesn't mean a dial tone is present. If your not getting a dial tone at the jack using the corded phone you need to recheck how you have the ooma distributed throughout the house.

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Re: Caller ID on TV

Post by thunderbird » Sun Jul 03, 2011 3:06 pm

celblazer makes a good point.

Take your corded phone and connect it directly to the Phone port on your Ooma device and check for the Ooma dial tone.

Make sure that your old phone provider phone service from the street is disconnected at the junction box at your house.

Make sure that you don't have anything connected to the Ooma device Wall port, because it doesn't provide a dial tone, and is being eliminated on the latest Ooma Telos. You may have to obtain a phone line splitter to feed the dial tone to the house wiring and to your cordless phones (if you are using cordless phones).

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Re: Caller ID on TV

Post by bjanton » Tue Jul 05, 2011 9:58 am

Thanks Thunderbird and others. Finally started over and was hooked from telo wall port to phone port on wall, So changed to phone port on telo and plugged phone into wall port and it worked.

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