switching between two numbers

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Re: switching between two numbers

Post by murphy » Sun Feb 05, 2012 12:21 pm

bukzin wrote:Do you have the Telo handset ? Do you like it?

Have you read about the updated version?

http://www.engadget.com/2012/01/09/ooma ... ndset-ces/

Should I wait for it?
I like the looks and description of that one better than the current one.
If you can wait then do so. Just remember when a company says a product will be released in March they can do it on March 31 and still meet the commitment.

There is (I think) a way to make use of two lines without a Telo handset for a conference call.
You can make a call on line 1 then switch to line 2 putting line 1 on hold and make a second call.
Then pushing the 1 and 2 keys on the Telo at the same time will join both calls together in a conference call.
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Re: switching between two numbers

Post by Cyberchat » Mon Feb 06, 2012 6:21 pm

bukzin wrote:Murphy (et al)

Thanks for the response.

Not sure how to proceed although.

With my set up can I make a second outgoing call while someone is on
a first call? (with Premier, DECT cordless but without Telo cordless handset)

My Comcast speeds are good (I think) at 33Mbps down and 5Mbps up.

As reported earlier in this thread, using one OOMA Telo device you can't have two concurrent telephone calls in progress on two separate non-OOMA handset's. Two concurrent telephone calls on separate non-OOMA handsets require two OOMA Telo devices. Another option for two concurrent telephone calls is an OOMA telo with an non-OOMA handset attached for the first call and an OOMA Telo handset for the second call. Another option is two OOMA Telo handsets. If you have more than two OOMA Telo handsets connected to a single OOMA Telo, you can only have two concurrent telephone calls in progress which is the maximum supported by an OOMA Telo.

However, as Thunderbird indicated near the beginning of this thread, with some limitations, you 'can' use the second line of the Premier service even though you don't have an OOMA Telo Handset.

With a single OOMA Telo device and without the OOMA handset, its possible to have two phone calls in progress from one "single" non-OOMA handset and in fact its a standard feature of the OOMA Telo.

If you are on a call and a second call rings-in, you can use your non-OOMA handset's "flash" button to switch to the second incoming call. The first call is automatically placed on hold (of course you would want to let the first caller know you are putting them on hold). The second call will be answered and you can converse with the second caller. You can then use the non-OOMA handset's "flash" button to switch back and forth between the two calls.

If you hangup on one of the calls (use the clear/end key on your non-OOMA handset) and want to switch back to the other, the first time you press the "flash" key you will get an OOMA dial tone on the unused line (the one you just hung-up). At this OOMA dial tone point you can make another call while the other line is still on hold. If you don't make another call, a second "flash" returns you to the remaining in-progress call.

If in your installation you've placed the OOMA Telo at your work desk co-located with your non-OOMA handset, you can use the Line-1 and Line-2 on the Telo to switch between calls rather than the "flash" button on your non-OOMA handset.

Another variation is that its possible to conference two ongoing calls together into one call. To do this, you have to be physically located at the Telo device. To accomplish the conference call, when looking at the Telo device both the Line-1 and Line-2 buttons should be lit-up with a non-blue color indicating both lines are in use. Simply simultaneously press the Line-1 and Line-2 buttons and the two lines will now be in one conference call. Later, you can then press either Line button to return to break the conference call and return to separate calls on Line-1 and Line-2.

In our installation, we have an AT&T DECT-6.0 base station, four wireless remotes and a DECT-6.0 headset. The above procedures of managing the two OOMA Premier lines work equally as well at the base station or on each of the wireless remotes.

If you want to see some additional options for using two lines with non-OOMA handsets, see the following topic http://www.ooma.com/forums/viewtopic.ph ... 290#p86091
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