Ooma and TPK alarm system: Worked

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Ooma and TPK alarm system: Worked

Post by hawki77 » Mon Oct 21, 2013 10:26 am

Hi All,

Just wanted to let Ooma users know that Ooma worked with TPK Alarm system (in Greater Montreal, Quebec, Canada).

I wanted to thank all users on this forum - for all these Q & A - that helped me to switch to Ooma (from Videotron, in Quebec, Canada).
Now paying only $4 for Ooma basic instead of Videotron's $30 (when I switched to Videotron 10+ years ago it was about $15/month, but overtime they keep increasing the price ... and finally I had enough)

One of the concern I had before switching to Ooma in August 2013 was - will Ooma work with centrally connected/monitored alarm systems?
I contacted few alarm companies: ADT and Protecton - there monitoring fee was too much $30 - $45 /months.
Protecton directly said their system will not work with Ooma, and I must take wireless home phone from Rogers or Fido for $10/month extra, or switch back to Videotron/Bell 's basic home phone service.
ADT initially was saying Ooma may not work, but I know for sure it works because one of my friend who recommended Ooma to me had his Ooma system working with with ADT alarm system for over 1 year.
But ADT was still expensive ($30+/m), so I found this TPK alarm company ($145+tx / year).
Mr. Nov of TPK when he came to give me the installation estimate told me they will try their best to make the TPK system work with Ooma - but cannot guaranty anything.
After the installer finished all hardware installation/upgrade - he spent 2+ hours (initially had problem) to try different configurations/protocols to make alarm system dial to TPK's central monitoring station (changed from local 514 Montreal # to 1-800 number, and other staff that I don't know the details).
TPK installer Mr Buth and Supervisor Technician Mr. So (over the phone) where very patient to really make Ooma work with TPK's alarm system.
Installer told me TPK had already installed 2-3 customers with Ooma - so I had hope :)

Ooma is sold in Canada mainly by Costco, and I believe it is going to spread like wild fire wiping out all the expensive home phone services (Videotorn, Bell, Rogers, ...). So Ooma users should happy know that Ooma works with ADT and TPK alarm systems.

Here is my current setup (that works):
- Ooma is connected to the wireless router using the included wireless adapter (sitting beside the wireless router & modem, on the 1st floor).
[Initially, I had the Ooma wired between cable internet modem and wireless router, but when the installer was trying different things to make the alarm system contact the central, we put the Ooma on wireless and did not change that back to wired (between modem and router)]

- Phone output from Ooma connected to one of the home's phone wall plug.

- Alarm system is in the basement, connected to home's phone line.

- When Videotorn (some kind of special IP/Cable-based home phone) setup their home phone, had already disconnected my home from the Bell's phone line.

My thought was (if it did not work):
- Move the internet cable modem and wireless router in the basement.
- Have Ooma be wired connected the modem and wireless router.
- From Ooma the phone output go to the alarm system first and then to the home's phone lines.

But since it worked/working the it was - I am not going to change anything (don't fix it if it is not broken ).

Good luck and thanks.

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Re: Ooma and TPK alarm system: Worked

Post by jctin » Wed Oct 30, 2013 10:02 am

Glad to post that Ooma works with Protectron in Mississauga, Ontario.

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Re: Ooma and TPK alarm system: Worked

Post by Tom » Wed Oct 30, 2013 4:53 pm

I see from your account that you're not using Ooma Alarm Mode, so TPK must have wired it in such a way that they can seize the line. Also I assume the signaling TPK sends to their central monitoring station is a modem type signal similar to a fax call?

Advantage of Ooma Alarm Mode is that you don't need separate line seizure hardware (like X31). A typical installation would be:

1. Ooma Linx in Alarm Mode (add on https://my.ooma.com/phone_numbers)
2. Alarm System plugged into Linx phone port

Now if the Linx goes offhook and dials digits (e.g. the alarm number) and the telo already has 2 calls going on, then the telo will drop the call on line1, if not a 911 call, and else drop the call on line2, and then place the alarm call. Alarm Mode also supports alarm systems that use DTMF signalling.

You can also use Alarm Mode to force your kids off the phone ;)

Putting a device in Alarm Mode comes with this disclaimer:

Ooma may not work with or be compatible with certain third-party, non-voice communication equipment including, but not limited to, home security and medical alert systems. You are responsible for contacting the company that provides the equipment and service you are connecting to Ooma to determine compatibility with our service. You may be required to maintain and pay for a separate landline or cellular telephone service from your local telephone company in order to use such systems. You waive any claim against Ooma for interference or disruption of these third-party services and equipment. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.

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Re: Ooma and TPK alarm system: Worked

Post by shh » Tue Jan 21, 2014 7:43 pm

I noted you managed to get Ooma working with Protectron in Mississauga. I am also a Protectron customer and just installed Ooma. How did you get Protectron working? What is your set up? Did you test the alarm with Protectron?

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Re: Ooma and TPK alarm system: Worked

Post by tlu777 » Thu Jan 07, 2016 2:44 pm

Hi Tom,

I intend to use a linx with 2nd number for the alarm. However, my alarm phone outlet (hard wired) is feeding the rest of the house phone outlet so would the house phones dial from the alarm number? I do want to use the primary number from the telo for the house, not the alarm number from the linx. Can you advise how I should connect/ configure?

Thank you in advance for your help.


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