Problem Using Remote Desktop Connection and ooma

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Re: Problem Using Remote Desktop Connection and ooma

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For Ooma Setup access for a Modem-Router-Ooma connection:
First reserve an IP address for the Ooma Device in your Router. This will be the address that you will type in your browser window after completing the configuration below. Example http: (use actual IP address reserved for the Ooma device in the Router).

Temporarily connect a network cable from the Ooma Home port to the wired LAN port of a computer. Temporarily turn of Wi-Fi in the computer, if Wi-Fi is turned on in the Computer. Reboot the computer. Access Ooma Setup by typing in your computer browser window. The Ooma Setup pages opens. Click on the Advanced tab. Go down to Port Forwarding and click on Add new Rule.
Enter the following:
Start Port: 80
End Port: (add nothing)
Type: TCP
Forward to IP Address:
Forward to Port: (add nothing)
Click on Add New Rule

Note: if your router won't reserve IP addresses for devices, a static IP address can be added to Internet page of Ooma Setup.

Click on Status tab. Go to Network > TO INTERNET port: and record IP address shown at the right.
Click on Internet tab.
Following Connection type: click on the down arrow and select Static IP address.
Go down to Static IP Address Options: and fill in blanks.
IP Address: (is the IP address you recorded previously)
Netmask: (is usually obtained from Router)
DNS Server 1: AND Router Address: (Both sets of boxes are the numbers used in the IP address first three boxes, for the last box use number 1, Example
Click on Update Device and then reboot the Ooma device.

Note: If you are using the Ooma Wireless Wi-Fi dongle, go to the Ooma Setup Advance page and check the box in front of Allow access to web interface from WIRELESS port, then click on update. For this configuration, In Ooma Setup, Internet page, Connection Type: Only use Automatic for connection type, and don't try to use the Static IP address options.

Disconnect the network cable from the Ooma home port.
Type the IP address in your computer browser window that you reserved for your Ooma device in your router. Example http: (use actual IP address reserved or Static IP address used for the Ooma device).
The Ooma Setup pages opens.

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