Arris SB 8200 connection

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Arris SB 8200 connection

Post by tjc » Sun Jan 26, 2020 6:11 pm

For those folks installing Ooma Telos with an Arris SB 8200 cable modem and a separate WiFi router. The two ethernet ports on the Arris SB 8200 are for two separate Internet IP addresses -- In other words, you have to buy two connections from your ISP.

I tried to replace my Comcast modem with the Arris SB 8200 using the same cabling, but it did not work. The correct connection is to insert the Ooma between the modem and the WiFi router. Connect the Ooma Telos's 'Internet' port to one of the SB 8200's ports. Connect the WiFi router to the Ooma 'Home' port. Leave the SB 8200's other port unconnected.

If anyone knows how to enable the second port without forced to buy another IP address from Comcast, please respond to this post. I'd really like to have another ethernet port on my lan without having to buy a network switch.

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Re: Arris SB 8200 connection

Post by andyross » Mon Jan 27, 2020 6:28 am

That is NOT the correct way to do it. Connect your router to the modem, then the Ooma to your router. Do NOT run the Ooma between your router and modem, because it is limited to 100Mbit and will affect your ability to get higher speeds.
Comcast does not offer second IP addresses to home users.

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