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Whole home VOIP stopped working - recommendations / site I might go to for help?

Posted: Fri Feb 26, 2021 2:55 pm
by tomjonesrocks
I have had working whole-home VOIP through Ooma for years - and then the "whole home" part just stopped working one day. No equipment changes anywhere in the house.

Trying to troubleshoot but can't find where to start. The way I was doing this was following this guide - ... one-jacks/

I basically used to have VOIP through Uverse and then used the existing setup for Ooma by plugging the phone jack from the Ooma into the connections shown in the pictures:

Pic 1 shows the AT&T box mounted to the wall which has a cord that connects to a little box with a phone jack on it
Pic 2 the phone jack connected to the box that I had the Ooma phone cord plugged into
Pic 3 I opened the box to see if I could determine if anything was broken inside

Basically all that was required was to send the phone out from the Ooma into the phone wall jack - but my phone wall jack looks like all that AT&T stuff in the photos -I'm out of my depth here. Does anyone know where I could ask steps to troubleshoot this? Again it went from working fine to just broken one day. Thanks!