Scout question and unrelated router question

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Scout question and unrelated router question

Post by papirov » Wed Sep 16, 2009 9:11 pm

Hi folks,

New user here... just installed the system today... have 3 setup questions:

Currently using Ooma with the landline. Ooma hub is behind the router and is between router and the network switch.

1) I have connected the Wall connection of the Ooma hub directly to the incoming phone line. I have connected the Home/Phone connection of the Ooma hub into the small switch board in place of where my incoming phone line used to connect. This made all of the jacks in my house have Ooma dialtone. Great! However, since the hub is in the basement, I would like to have Ooma Scout in the kitchen phone jack so that I can play voicemails easily. Connecting Ooma scout gives me red lights (1+2). Regular phone has dialtone no problems.
What am I doing wrong?

2) Unrelated question (and is not a priority, since I can get to my router if I directly connect to its Home port)... I'd like to access my Ooma hub through http://... interface. External IP of Ooma router was configured to be I've configured the Internal IP of the router to be and made the DHCP pool to be through I've connected the Home connection of the Ooma hub back to the switch. However, the does not respond. DNS/DHCP/etc settings were entered correctly. DMZ was left empty. I can connect to the Ooma hub, if I reset its settings to default, and plug a spare computer into its Home port. Any ideas here?

3) While I'm at it, I've opened opened in my firewall router and redirected them into Ooma router (1194, and 49000-50000)... Did I need to do that?

Thanks a ton for help!

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Re: Scout question and unrelated router question

Post by murphy » Thu Sep 17, 2009 2:36 am

The WAN (modem) and LAN (home) IP addresses of the ooma hub, or any router for that matter, can not be on the same subnet. It is the subnet difference that causes packets to be sent out through the WAN interface. If they are the same, a packet will not leave the LAN.

Connect your network switch to the router and leave the ooma hub Home port unused.
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Re: Scout question and unrelated router question

Post by but2002 » Thu Sep 17, 2009 3:49 am

For the ooma scout.

The Hub's Phone port sends out just a standard dialtone, if you want to use the scout you need to create cointinuation from the scout to the ooma hub's "Wall" jack.

My recommendation is to connect the wall jack of the ooma hub to the line two wiring of your house using a L1+L2 splitter, and then using another L1+L2 splitter where you want the scout and connecting the scout to the line two section of your house's wiring.

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Re: Scout question and unrelated router question

Post by tommies » Thu Sep 17, 2009 4:01 am

a. You have ooma with a phone line, a working phone line needs to plug into the WALL port.(you got this one right)
b. If you want to use the scout, the hub and the scout need to connect through their WALL port. Probably you miss this since the PHONE port only supply the dial tone.

a+b: you need two regular splitters to make it works:
one splitter plug into the hub WALL port, and one plug into the jack.
the incoming phone line go into one jack of the splitter.
the dial tone from ooma PHONE port into one jack of the splitter at the little jack
then connect the remain empty jacks of the two splitter(ie ooma WALL port to the house wiring)

If you happen to have DSL, you have to place a DSL filter before feeding the incoming phone line into the ooma hub, treating the hub as a regular phone as you do before.

you should move the ooma hub to behind the switch too.

However before doing so, you need to change some of the hub setting:

a. change ooma to use it build in MAC address for its MODEM port (Network page), note down the MAC so you can assign it a static ip in your router.

b. copy ooma HOME port ip address into its own DMZ (Advanced page) You need to put the hub DHCP on a different sub net(from the router), and it's better if you return it to its default (

c. remember to update/save the setting from each step above, and then unplug the ooma from the power and network. Connect the switch directly to the router, and connect the ooma hub to the switch and then connect the power suply.

d. assign a static ip to the hub with the MAC from a. You now can access the hub web with this ip from within your LAN

After a hard reset--return ooma to default factory setting--You need to repeat these steps .

but2002 suggestion is excellent, in this case you need one regular splitter and two line1-line2 splitters

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Re: Scout question and unrelated router question

Post by papirov » Thu Sep 17, 2009 6:54 am

thanks folks, this makes sense.

On the unrelated note, does anyone have QOS settings for dd-wrt router to apply to make sure that ooma has the right bandwidth & priority?

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