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Re: Does Anonymous Call Block affect international calls?

Posted: Tue Mar 08, 2011 7:13 pm
by lbmofo
tomcat wrote:
lbmofo wrote:I wonder why the "UNKNOWN" variety is not caught by Anonymous Call Reject? Even if the phone number field is really "UNKNOWN" instead of blank, checking to see whether the phone number field is a number should do the trick?
It's my understanding (limited as it may be) that some systems may not send the caller's information properly or the information can't be retrieved by the receiving phone company. You wouldn't necessarily want to block a person's call based on just that.

However, if someone purposely keeps their number from being displayed then that is when Anonymous Call Rejection kicks in.

My two cents. :)
That makes sense. I posted a Feature Request to handle the other "UNKNOWN" calls: viewtopic.php?t=11009