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Call Waiting isn't working

Posted: Wed Jan 20, 2010 6:48 pm
by Syd
I have a question about accessing call waiting: My wife tells me that when she tries to access the waiting call, upon pressing the flash button, she hears the ooma jingle--and then the dial tone! The original call remaining accessible (the waiting call is lost). Anyone know why this is? Is there a solution, or does one have to forego call waiting with an integrated number setup?
My phone service (AT&T) has call waiting (and caller ID) which otherwise works--but not via the ooma hub.
I have an outside splitter and have connected the DSL line to the Modem and then to the Hub (Modem socket). I've connected the Phone line to the Wall socket on the Hub. The Router to the Home socket, and the Hub Phone socket to the phone equipment.