Android : Only keeps ringing if screen active

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Android : Only keeps ringing if screen active

Post by bchmura » Wed Sep 02, 2020 10:34 pm


I am on an Android phone. If I get a call on my home phone it does register with my app, but not well:

- If the screen is on, like I am using my phone - the ooma screen displays and it keeps ringing and I can answer it.

- if the screen is off, like I put it down a few minutes ago - the ooma screen lights up, rings once or less, and then the phone goes dark again. EDIT: I did catch a glimpse as it was doing it and it throws up a message box for a split second that says something like "Could not establish connection..." but it is gone before I could really read it. I followed some other suggestions I found around data permissions that did not help. This is also on the same network as my ooma telephone which works fine.

I've checked all kinds of settings and nothing seems off... in both cases it starts up

Anyone dealt with this? OnePlus 6 phone

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