Bug in caller id reporting on Ooma Mobile

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Bug in caller id reporting on Ooma Mobile

Post by rlfrank » Sat Sep 12, 2020 8:55 am

This is a long standing problem which has gotten so annoying that it needs to be looked into and fixed. It is clearly a bug in the Ooma Mobile app at least for Android. FYI at the moment I am running Ooma mobile 7.3.1 on Android 10 on a Samsung Note 9.

The problem is with respect to INCOMING calls and the reported caller id. When you get an incoming call, the Caller ID is reported CORRECTLY on both any hardwired phone connected to the Telo hub and also by the Ooma Mobile app on the screen of my phone. However, on ANY devices attached to my phone (at least via Bluetooth) such as an Android Watch or a car audio/entertainment system, the reported/displayed caller is my Ooma telephone # and Ooma name, and NOT the real incoming caller id. As a developer (but with no access to the code) my best guess is that somewhere in the Mobile app there is some data structure where the app reports the caller id info back to Android, and by mistake it is storing the Ooma phone number (which clearly the app has as it needs to register this with the Ooma server) and not the real incoming caller id. The fact that this happens on multiple connected devices as varied as an Android Galaxy Watch and multiple car infotainment systems from different vendors (in my case Toyota and Subaru) gives me further evidence that the problem is in the Ooma mobile app and not these devices.

This is actually a safety issue especially when driving as one is led to believe based on the info on the car's screen that one is receiving a call from one's home (which might be an urgent emergency which needs to be answered immediately) whereas if the correct information was displayed and the call was from someone not urgent (or even more likely a spam call) one would simply ignore the call and not take the driving risk of answering it.

I have also reported this via phone support (case #200911-003779) but can't tell if this is being taken seriously, and I believe that this is really a serious bug that needs fixing. It is totally repeatable, and I am more than happy to provide screen image captures/photos to document this if needed.

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