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Contact Import from Android App

Posted: Tue Apr 27, 2021 1:46 pm
by java007md
Has anyone had success importing contacts from the Ooma Android app? I've given the app permissions to access contacts (and all the other requested permissions at installation time), but regardless of whether I try to import one or all of the desired contacts, I get a message saying that 0 of XXX contacts where imported.

There does not appear to be a way to import contacts from the ooma web interface. Adding one by one through the interface would be tedious at best.

Ooma support via chat was unable to resolve.

Thanks for any helpful responses.

Re: Contact Import from Android App

Posted: Wed Apr 28, 2021 4:56 pm
by java007md
Update: Received a reply to my query to customer service. The Ooma engineering team is aware of the problem and working on a solution (no ETA as of now).