Quality of Service (QoS) OOMA Telo

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Quality of Service (QoS) OOMA Telo

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Quality of Service (QoS) OOMA Telo: Once plugged into the Home Network port on your Telo, go to http://setup.ooma.com or IP address to access the OOMA Telo Setup screen. Now navigate to the Advanced tab, and locate the Quality-of-Service section of this interface at the top of the page. Notice that the default Quality of Service configuration of our Telo is 1024 Kbps (Upstream Internet Speed). The Firmware version of OOAM Telo: 38550032.

Problem: When we lose power and upon power restored happened, the default value of QoS does change to Zero, why? When the default value change to zero, we experience a delay or echo during conversation voice calls.

Workaround Solution: To reset the QoS default value, connected OOMA with an Ethernet cable to plugged into the HOME NETWORK port. Now navigate to the Tools tab, then select System and locate 'Reboot' at the top of the page, manually rebooted OOMA. After a successful reboot of OOMA, the QoS value goes back to 1024 Kbps. Perfect!

Need Implementation:
Can someone take a look at the firmware version and make necessary updates that, when we lose power the QoS default value should not change to zero, it should keep the original value.

Thank You.

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