Gen 1 vs Gen 4 Telo Quality

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Gen 1 vs Gen 4 Telo Quality

Post by kelkin » Thu Dec 30, 2021 7:22 am

Hi everyone,
I have a first gen Telo (serial starts with 0) which has been alive and well since 2010 (11 years!). I'm considering the purchase of an HD3 handheld and a Linx adapter for my multifunction printer, but my understanding is the HD3 is not compatible with my first generation Telo unit. To complicate things further, I am a lifetime premier subscriber. I did have a chat with customer service and they said they might be able to move my service over to a newer Telo and retain the lifetime Premier, I'm assuming since it's to upgrade the features and not because it's broken, but they did say it's up to the discretion of tier two support when I call, so this may all be moot.

In any case, I'm on the fence because the newer Telo units just seem like they're made more inexpensively, and the newer unit I purchased for my mother a few years back did have several problems and I already had to replace it once. If I do manage to get them to swap me to a 4th gen Telo, I don't want it dying in a few years and then loosing my lifetime premier as my gen1 unit has been a workhorse all this time. Does anyone here have any experiencing moving from a gen 1 to a gen 4 Telo? If so, any observations on quality of the latter?

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