loud squeaks and gibberish only on incoming calls

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Re: loud squeaks and gibberish only on incoming calls

Post by Jedi170 » Mon Mar 28, 2022 3:19 pm

same issue here. Just called ooma customer service. They claimed there is a bug in the ooma hub system They clicked some buttons, did a test call and all was good. I resetted my system afterward to be sure and still good. Hope this helps.

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Re: loud squeaks and gibberish only on incoming calls

Post by kcgr44 » Fri Apr 01, 2022 2:38 pm

same here ... a call to CS resulted in some button pushing on their end and the problem is gone.

I'm glad I found this thread. I was about to look for power supplies, as the last time I had a connection issue, my scout had a failing PS.

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Re: loud squeaks and gibberish only on incoming calls

Post by DaJ5nZu3 » Wed Apr 13, 2022 10:53 am

I called customer service. The first person had no clue what I was asking about and was trying to send me through normal troubleshooting steps (put Ooma between modem and router, reboot all of my devices, check the connection speed, etc.)

When it was clear that she didn't understand what I was saying and was not aware of this being a known issue, I asked to escalate to a higher level tech. I got on with her, and she seemed to not understand either, making me do a speed test again and asking what type of phone I was using (Panasonic, etc.) and what city I lived in.

Then she told me to reboot my Ooma like the original person did, and I got frustrated and I asked her if she actually changed anything, or if she was just getting me to go through the troubleshooting process again. She claimed that she did, so I rebooted and she called my Ooma line. Interestingly, the caller ID showed my cell number (which I was using to call customer service). Unfortunately, the line was still all garbled.

Then she asked if my Telo was solid blue, and I said I already told you, I don't have a Telo, this is the old Ooma Hub from 2009. This is supposed to be a known issue, according to your own forums. Are you aware of the issue I am talking about? The agent went silent for quite a while, and then my Ooma line rang again. This time, the loud sounds were gone, but I could not hear anyone on the other end. About a minute later, I got another call. I answered, heard nothing, and then the call disconnected after a couple of seconds. Not only that, but it also disconnected my call with the agent on my cell. Then Google tried to screen her when she called me back (from a 415 area code number) so I missed the call. But then she eventually called my Ooma number directly, and line was finally clear.

Hooray, but that was frustrating. I told her that I also had a neighbor who had gotten an Ooma when I did, and I asked what he would need to say when calling in to customer service to get straight to a tech that would be aware of this issue instead of going through all those troubleshooting steps.

She gave me a reference number that they could look up that would show the steps she went through to fix my issue. Hopefully this makes it easier on somebody else: Ref # 220413-001349

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