HD3 Handsets Crackling on Ringer Sound

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HD3 Handsets Crackling on Ringer Sound

Post by GJB » Mon May 25, 2020 9:04 am

Recently I have noticed that the ring on incoming calls on some of my HD3 handsets have a crackling sound in the background while the phone is ringing from an incoming call. This does not happen with an intercom ring. After the phone is answered, there is no noise on the call itself.

I am using default ringtones. Base version is 450992 and HS version is 381569. It has happened now on two of my four HD3 handsets. I rebooted the phones and that stopped the problem on one of them. The other is still exhibiting the issue.

It is a high pitched crackling most noticeable in the silent spots between rings. When the call is answered there is a short higher pitched squeak type of noise. I was able to record the sound and have attached a snippet. The recording includes the last ring and then the "squeak" at the end when the call was answered from another handset. Please ignore me clearing my throat during the recording.

I was unable to find any other reports like this via Google or in the support forums here. Are others seeing this or is it just me? Any suggestions?

Static While Ringing
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