Using a dial-up modem for data calls (calling a BBS?)

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Using a dial-up modem for data calls (calling a BBS?)

Post by samalex » Thu Jul 02, 2020 5:24 am

So I have a US Robotics modem and am trying to dial out using Ooma. If Fax is supported so should this at lower bit rates. The signal is so garbled it's useless, even going down to 300, 1200, or 2400 bps. I have the Home Premier account and set the FAX Premier redundancy level to 3 (it was default to 1 so I assume 3 is best). No help. I ordered a Linx which supposedly has a Fax/Data option, so maybe that'll work? Anyone else done this? I read on a few BBS forums where others have done this and it worked well up to 19.2 bps, but i'm not able to get a good connection at any rate.

Ooma Telo is setup per Option A in instructions between cable modem and router, and our internet connection is very sound. I tried calling support, but the folks who answered just knew their scripts and couldn't help. I hoped the community might be able to offer some suggestions. Thanks.
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Re: Using a dial-up modem for data calls (calling a BBS?)

Post by murphy » Thu Jul 02, 2020 9:04 am

Are you feeding the Telo phone line into your walls? If you are, try it with only the modem connected directly to the Telo.
Also put the Telo in alarm mode. Alarm systems use touch tones to communicate with the central office.
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