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4G Telo Adapter problems (aka Phone Genie, 4GLTE))

Posted: Fri Sep 04, 2020 7:55 pm
by j0293
First: a suggestion for the moderator. It could be useful to have a separate forum index for 4G Telo Call Quality. In this “Call Quality” forum, searches with posts for 4G, 4GLTE or Genie do not show any posts.

Problem. I have a 4G Telo adapter up and working, with a constant blue light showing "excellent" 4G LTE reception. I have a corded phone connected directly to the telo. Most of the time, the phone calls are fine in both directions. Occasionally the person on the other end (who has a telo, a corded phone, and a high speed internet connection) says that he can't hear (voice is garbled or totally fades). Presumably this is due to a slow upload speed from the 4G adapter to the Sprint cell tower. If there is a solution to the problem, it probably involves finding a better location for the 4G adapter.

A FAQ says "You can use the signal indicator in the Base Station Setup app to find a good spot with a strong 4G signal. Simply move the Telo 4G Adapter and wait for approximately 10 seconds." That is discussing the smart phone setup app. That app is showing a signal strength of -84 db. ("excellent"). The detailed information is sinr (4), Rssi (-58), Rsrq (-14.0), and Rrsp ( -84). In trying to find a better location, should I pay attention to anything other than signal strength value? Which values should I be trying to change, and in which direction? Should I test the signal strength while an active phone call is being made, or is that irrelevant?