Terrible Call Quality on International Calls

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Terrible Call Quality on International Calls

Post by BrooklynOoma » Sat Jan 16, 2021 2:13 pm

We've had Ooma for almost two years. We call Germany frequently, and the call quality has been consistently bad. What can be done to fix this?

I changed a few settings on the Ooma today, and moved it to be in line of sight with the router. The signal strength for my wireless connection on the Ooma when I log into my settings is still only two bars.

I have read some posts about the "East Coast Server" being better than the "West Coast Server." I don't know if that's still true, and I don't know how to tell to which server I'm connected.

I've recently decided that if we can't fix this, then we'll just go cellphone only. 9/10 we end up needing to make the call on our cellphones because we can't be understood on Ooma, so it's ridiculous to keep paying for this service.

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