HD2 incoming Static and Dropping Calls

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HD2 incoming Static and Dropping Calls

Post by srblunk » Wed Jan 20, 2021 1:36 pm

I have two HD2 handsets. One of the handsets exhibits a lot of static on incoming calls; often the handset will disconnect from the Telo; the call will go to voicemail or can be answered from the other handset. Outgoing calls are fine. The behavior persists regardless of the charging cradle being used. Replacing the handset's batteries didn't help, nor did power cycling the Telo. What seems to help temporarily is to unregister the handset then register it. In a few days the issue will recur, though. Does anyone know of a more permanent fix? Because it happens with one handset and not the other, I assume that it's a handset issue and replacing them would work - but is that a valid assumption?


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