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CALL QUALITY - Unable to reach bus. partner for days

Posted: Mon Feb 22, 2010 3:45 pm
phone quality is horrible for international call. Have not been able to actually connect with his cell phone since Feb 12, 2010 wherein our call was cut off after the first 3 minutes unexpectedly and the business we could have handled then would have been finished at the end of it. I have been charged for calls that didn't go through again. How can I know I'm credited for these calls as I have also asked for them to be credited and no evidence shown in my account. need to show the prepay purchase amount and see the active deduction for each contact onsite as a receipt so both OOMA and myself has accurate access to the balance and reveals transactions to the paid amounts. With the lack of knowing what the poor line quality is caused by, might we look forward to areas showing the line conditions and where they're being repaired etc? You should consider changing your claims of no more phone bills. It isn't accurate and there are just as many encounters with poor customer service only this is less organized than AT&T.

Re: CALL QUALITY - Unable to reach bus. partner for days

Posted: Mon Feb 22, 2010 4:53 pm
by amoney
It would be helpfull in the long run if you specified where internationally you are calling to. Some more common places appear to be fine, however lots of other not so common places are known to have issues, there have been many posts already detailing problem areas.

Note many people have worked around the issue by using other carriers such as calling cards etc.

As for service, I agree improvments are needed.