Inbound Caller ID Issues

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Inbound Caller ID Issues

Post by jenoffers » Thu Jun 10, 2021 6:15 am

Ooma Basic subscriber here. I noticed that on 6/2/21, my incoming caller ID was no longer displaying incoming caller names/numbers to my Uniden Dect 6.0 phone. Coincidentally, 6/2/21 was my most recent billing date. I kept seeing a message saying that my credit card was or had expired, but billing for each consecutive month was going thru. On 6/9/21, I updated my credit card information. I called Ooma Support about the caller ID issue. The first support person tried to tell me that incoming caller ID was not a part of Ooma Basic service; at which point I said, my bill keeps going up (yes, I know some of those fees/charges can't be helped because they are fed fees, etc), but that I had incoming caller ID all my years of service and for that feature to suddenly go away isn't right. I was eventually passed on to a higher level support person, and we verified that caller ID was now miraculously working. Well now it is 6/10/21, and here again, when I receive a call and let it ring a few times, the caller ID on the phone just says, "Incoming Call." No name or phone number is displayed, no "Private Number", "Anonymous", or any such thing. I want to have an idea who is calling because if it is a number I don't recognize, I don't want to deal with a robocaller. What is going on with incoming caller ID? It has worked well all these years, now suddenly not working!

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